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Bespoke One-to-One Reading Tuition Near You, Online or Face-to-Face

Reading Doctor offer one to one private reading tuition throughout the UK.  If we do not have a branch owner near you, we have a robust online solution. Our unique model offers a bespoke one-to-one intervention programme delivered from a Reading Room in a Reading Doctors home or in schools for children with a reading age of 12.0 years or below.  Our methods are devised by our Reading Recovery qualified CEO and founder Deborah Salsbury, focusing on for children who are struggling with learning to read. 

The Reading Doctor methods are proven to raise attainment for 100% of pupils.  We unlock the potential in those with undiagnosed learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or other barriers to learning.   Pupils develop strategies alongside a positive attitude to reading, enabling pupils to become successful, independent readers. We offer both face-to-face and online learning.

 The Reading Doctor delivers a personalised programme, that identifies and builds on strengths enabling pupils to overcome difficulties. The Reading Doctor methods go deeper than traditional phonics teaching and utilise multi-sensory methods to ensure each pupil learns to read both for pleasure and to become functionally literate. Many of our resources are dyslexia friendly.

At The Reading Doctor, we have a ‘no excuses’ attitude, when it comes to teaching our pupils to read. Reading is an essential skill for accessing other areas of the curriculum and vital for adult life.
When we start working with a child struggling with their reading, we will do everything in our power to unlock their potential and enable them to overcome the barriers that have previously held them back. We teach the way that our pupils learn.

On entry, all pupils undertake a thorough Reading Assessment, so we are aware of existing skills and knowledge. We also identify gaps in learning. From this starting point we plan a bespoke reading programme, using high quality resources and methods delivered by The Reading Doctor. We track progress precisely and reflectively, using The Reading Doctor methods and resources.

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Deborah Salsbury – The Reading Doctor – Do something that you are passionate about

The school employs a ´Reading Doctor´ who works with all pupils with a reading age of less than eight. This intervention has been extremely positive and over the last nine months, on average, these pupils´reading ages have improved by nearly two years.

OFSTED, 2019


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