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Private Tutoring for Dyslexic Children

The Reading Doctor offers bespoke private tutoring for dyslexic children and children with other learning difficulties. Reading Doctor tutoring puts the child’s learning needs at the centre. Private tuition is recognised by the governments National Tuition Programme as being an extremely effective intervention in a student’s learning, with private tuition having the ability to boost progress by three to five months. The Reading Doctor intervention is recognised by OFSTED as being extremely positive and over a period of nine months, on average, raised pupils´ reading ages by nearly two years.

The Reading Doctor was founded in 2012 by Deborah Salsbury. Deborah qualified as a primary school teacher in  1993  and began her teaching career in Bromley, Greater London.  Following her passion and commitment to ensuring access to learning for all,  her teaching role developed into specialist group intervention teaching,  

Deborah´s relentless drive for ensuring reading success for all, secured her the role as ´ Intervention Lead´. The next step for her professional development was to train with The Institute of Education, London as a Reading Recovery Teacher. 

With this new string to her teaching bow,  and recognising reading as the key to becoming a successful learner, Deborah made the decision in 2012, to focus entirely on the teaching of reading. This saw the beginning of ´The Reading Doctor´.

Deborah reached out to schools with high numbers of disaffected learners and soon became the lead reading teacher at a school for children with behavioural and learning difficulties., whilst building a private tuition practice.

Her passion and drive have ensured the success of a number of projects including the fundraising and opening of the Reading Garden Room at  St Anthony´s School, Cliftonville, Kent. 

Having a daughter with dyslexia cemented her belief that all children can succeed with the correct teaching methods and a positive self-image as a learner. Deborah not only teaches reading, but she also teaches self-belief.

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