Steph Quinn

In 2009 I graduated from Queens University Belfast with a Bachelor of Education Degree and spent the next few years gaining as much experience as I could, teaching a wide range of classes from Early Years all the way up to Key Stage 4.

In 2013, I moved to Kent and spent almost 10 years specialising in Early Years and Key Stage 1. I loved introducing children to education and the world of school, with my sole aim always being to ignite a love of learning within each of my pupils. Key to opening up this love of learning, was fostering a love of reading.

I loved seeing children’s faces light up at story time, and to hear them progress from sounds, to words, to sentences when reading with them each day. However, these skills did not come easy to some pupils. Reading for some, was a tricky, onerous, unenjoyable task.

Becoming a Senior Leader gave me power to focus on providing staff training, targeted interventions and approaches that would help these children find reading easier and more enjoyable. I had heard amazing reports of The Reading Doctor from colleagues, parents and pupils and was keen to find out more.

Having had my first child last year and thinking about moving back to Northern Ireland, I met Deborah for a coffee and to talk about what she does…. Within minutes I knew I wanted to be a Reading Doctor. Her passion and love for what she does shone through and just like that, the Reading Doctor was coming to Northern Ireland!

I feel so privileged to be the first Reading Doctor in Northern Ireland and look forward to helping children and young people of all ages, become confident readers through this bespoke, one to one intervention.

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