The Reading Doctor is proud to introduce  Alison Rose.  Alison is the first Reading Doctor recommended dyslexia specialist. Alison also provides training for our Reading Doctors. 


Recent research has proved that dyslexia is a difference in the way the brain works:

Dyslexic people think differently.

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty, that mainly affects reading and writing skills. It can have a significant impact during education, work and everyday life. Every person’s experience of dyslexia is unique and it can range from mild to severe. It can also occur alongside other learning difficulties. Dyslexia usually runs in families and it is life-long. However, strategies can be successfully learnt to overcome the difficulties it causes. It is important to remember that there are positives to thinking differently. Many dyslexic people have strengths in areas such as the creative and artistic fields, engineering and science. Many are successful entrepreneurs too!

ALison Rose



Equality for all children in gaining access to learning has been my passion throughout my 30-year career in education. In 1997, I completed a Master’s degree in Education which focused on the most effective teaching methods for supporting children who were new to English, in developing their oracy, reading and writing skills.

In 2008, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to train to become a Reading Recovery Teacher with the Institute of Education, further developing my interest and commitment to children who were struggling to learn to read and write.

During my time as a Reading Recovery teacher, I worked with many children who were subsequently diagnosed with dyslexia and so I decided that I would like to understand the field of dyslexia better. I studied for the OCR Level 7 Diploma in Teaching and Assessing Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties in 2017 to become a fully qualified assessor and teacher of children with dyslexia.

Deborah Salsbury’s ground-breaking reading programme and commitment to supporting children with literacy is inspiring and I feel honoured to have been asked to be the Reading Doctor Assessor for Dyslexia.


M.Ed, B.Ed., Level 7 Diploma in Teaching and Assessing Children with Dyslexia/.SpLDs, AMBDA, PATOSS, APC.

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