In my 20 years of teaching the most challenging, yet rewarding outcomes were always when a child learnt to read. Therefore, I am very excited and feel privileged to be able to offer the opportunity for children to learn this life skill in a safe and positive place. The Reading Doctor Maidstone, offers one to one lessons and the chance to bring a Reading Doctor Hub to schools to support those children who are struggling.

I qualified as a teacher in 1999 and have enjoyed a variety of roles in Primary schools including SENCO and Assistant Head. I have also worked for the local authority as a teaching and learning advisor and was part of the primary strategy team as a literacy lead. I have enjoyed supporting and coaching teachers throughout my career as well as the hundreds of children and families I have taught. I am currently working in a Year 2 class part time alongside tutoring.

I have always felt very passionate about the teaching of literacy and supporting children to enjoy reading and develop a love of books. I feel very strongly about ensuring that the learning I am delivering suits the child’s needs and takes into consideration any barriers that the child may have. I am a very positive person and believe that you need to encourage and support children’s self-esteem and confidence in order to support their academic learning. This is where the Reading Doctor fits perfectly with my beliefs. I create a bespoke programme that supports the individual child and their needs whilst encouraging them to enjoy reading and learning.

Jane Hutchison

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