Sarah Hadjigeorgiou

Hello and welcome to my page. It is with pleasure that I present to you The Reading Doctor in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Please allow me to introduce myself and why I felt compelled to join The Reading Doctor’s mission to enable developing readers to become skilled readers through individual tuition.

My professional experience lies predominantly in special-needs education, and it has been an honour to work with children (and their families) with a range of learning needs and a variety of educational experiences. There is nothing more satisfying then watching the children start to enjoy learning again. No two days are the same working in Special Needs, and the characters that I met there will forever occupy a place in my heart. 

As part of my leadership role within school, I completed a Professional Study of the reading capabilities of the children in my department and it was here that my interest in early reading was borne. I absolutely love watching early-readers grow with confidence and excitement as their mindset changes from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’. The beauty of Reading Doctors is the 1-2-1 time and individualised learning plan which allows the children to make progress at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Reading is such an embedded part of our children’s school learning experiences and it fills me with a great sense of purpose that our work can support their development as learners in a wider sense. We employ a multi-sensory, pupil- centred learning strategy that allows the children to build on what they know, developing not only their reading capabilities but also their wider self-belief and understanding of themselves as a learner.

I welcome any questions or queries you have about how this could work for your child.

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