The Reading Doctor, your private reading tutor starts with an initial assessment. We encourage parents to stay for this, to gain insight into reading strengths and weaknesses. Your private reading tutor will also give you a flavour of what The Reading Doctor is about. After this, The Reading Doctor will give you feedback and make recommendations for further private reading lessons and a bespoke program and plan for your child. You can decide if you would like any further weekly, fortnightly, hour or 3/4-hour lessons either online. This will developing their reading and comprehension skills.


The Reading Doctor understands that reading, writing and speaking are complex and involve interconnecting skills. One-to-one lessons develop these skills together. Sessions are varied, well-paced and help children to make connections between what they are learning. After the initial diagnostic assessment, The Reading Doctor will devise an action plan, with clearly planned success criteria. All Reading Doctor pupils are given a user account for quality selected online reading materials, enabling them to practise between tuition sessions.

The Reading Doctor works with children of all ages. Whether your child is in Year 1, Year 2 or is older, in Key Stage 2 or beyond, we can come up with a bespoke plan with age-appropriate resources.

Lessons consist of varying elements, including:
Letter/Word Work
Familiar Books
New Books
Computer Program
Praise & Reward


The Reading Doctor…
Gives genuine, precise praise to confirm and encourage desired reading behaviours
Models new learning
Uses positive language to promote self-belief
Uses clear child-friendly language
Facilitates independence
Promotes over-learning
Nurtures independent thinking
Prompts to encourage an active brain
Allows for time to think/process
Nurtures resilience, by creating an environment of risk-taking and self-correction
Links existing knowledge and skills to new learning
Acknowledges effective strategies with precise praise
Makes reading simple


The Reading Doctor uses carefully selected resources to engage and motivate even the most disengaged learner.  Specialist reading schemes are used for older children, which are sensitive to their reading interests as well as their reading level. The children are able to take the books home. In addition, each Reading Doctor pupil is given access to an online reading resource. 


The Reading Doctor materials are looked after by the students in their very own Reading Doctor book bag.

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