Natasha Spencer

My story began in the early 80s when I developed a genuine love for reading; at an early age books and stories became a significant part of my childhood. Now, books continue to enrich my everyday life so teaching children to read and just as importantly encouraging and enabling children to love and want to read is something that I am most passionate about. 

After a few years working in the private sector, I decided to retrain as a teacher and I obtained my PGCE in 2002. Since then I have taught a variety of ages and needs in different schools in both England and Dubai, I am an experienced, patient and enthusiastic teacher who has been fortunate enough to work with children who are interesting, challenging, vibrant and above all great learners. During this time, I have led literacy at different schools; undergone a range of phonics-based training and most recently led and managed phonics intervention programmes as part of my leadership role.

However, it has become clear to me that some pupils find reading a challenge which in turn affects their engagement, enjoyment and academic development. Reading should be accessible to all and I believe that some children need an additional helping hand to make this possible. The best way to cultivate this basic necessity especially for children who find reading tricky, is on a one-to-one basis and by working to remove barriers.

The Reading Doctor Southampton nurtures these important values and links reading, writing and speaking whilst encouraging a genuine love for reading. I am able to offer an individualised learning programme tailored to the specific needs of each child using the unique, and high-quality materials and resources that The Reading Doctor group has developed. These specific teaching methods will help struggling learners develop confidence, improve self-esteem and become life-long readers.

Natasha Spencer

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